Throwing axes is a relatively new way to spend your evening with friends or organize your stag/hen do. While parties are typically the most common way to deal with your last night before wedding, you should definitely consider adding something extra to the mixture, to make it more of an adventure. That way it will stick in your memories for days to come and will surely help kickstarting your evening.


Is it hard to organize?

Not at all. Throwing a little party at such club is its bread and butter. Those places are used to new people coming to trying something different, or looking for a great memorable event for a special day (like stag do). The biggest trouble you may have is getting reservation as it becomes more and more popular with its simplicity.


Where can I find such club?

Biggest party-oriented cities in Europe have such clubs. When it comes to stag do in Krakow, Bad Axe club can be found near the main market on Basztowa 10 street. It is easily accessible by car coming from the north or by public transport by both car and bus. You can also reach it by walking from either main station or Bagatela Theater.


How does it look like? Is it hard to do or learn?

One of the main advantage for this activity above shooting ranges or racing tracks is relative simplicity of the task. He tutorial given by the instructor is very quick and after you minutes you will be sinking axes into wood, as if you were doing it your whole life. There are bigger and smaller tracks, depending on the number of people you want to bring, but there are always isolated for you, to enjoy it fully. After short introduction you are throwing axes at target for about one and half hour with optional point tracking to see who will be the crowned winner of the day. You are strongly encouraged to bring your beet, but there is also a soft drinks bar here.


What about drinking here?

We strongly encourage you to bring your own beer. If there is something that may make this evening better, that will be it. There is also an optional catering for a larger groups of people, so you don’t need to worry that someone will have a bad time getting hungry after some time.


Are there any additional attractions in such clubs?

It depends solely on the club. While throwing axes is a main attraction and will immerse you, so you will be willing to stay even more (trust me, you will), there is more in case of Bad Axe Krakow. You will be able to dress up as Vikings and have a photo booth to use and make everyone know how well can you party. Additionally there is a nail hammering competition for a bit more challenge.


Is it true that Schwarzenegger did it during his stag do?

Well, we don’t know that, but he is a great fan of such activity. And he is not the only one. As that kind of entertainment is getting more popular, we see only more people doing it. For example – Jason Momoa. It grows in popularity. Vikings surely knew how to party back in their times and we are able to provide the same for you. You should definitely go and try it, like many people do all around the world. There is no better option to relax, unleash the stress into the simple, yet fun activity and forget about everyday routine. That is also one of the better options for a hen or stag do.

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