Throwing axes is getting more and more popular in Europe these days. People were always looking for a special and extraordinary way to make their parties with friends outstanding. In this case there is little to be learned and a lot to be enjoyed, therefore axes made their way right into the top of such activities. If you are indeed looking for a stag do in Krakow, there is hardly a better choice but to kickstart it with such an activity.

However, should you limit yourself if it is a hen night you are organizing? Heck no! Throwing axes is an entertainment for anyone to try. It is so simple and yet fun it will make you forget about any duties and everyday worries including the time that will pass very fast here. There is absolutely no reason to not try it if you are with girls. Especially for a night so special.

To find a throwing axe club for a hen or stag do in Krakow, you need to look for a Bad Axe club. It is located on Basztowa 10, close to the MPK station located there (called “Stary Kleparz”). It is easily reachable walking from Bagatela Theater or Krakow main station as well as from Old Town. It is opened up until 10 PM so you can go and enjoy the nightlife of city for the rest of the night after already making it more than memorable within the club.

Bad Axe is a bring your own beer (BYOB) club in which we not only allow you to bring some beverages but we strongly encourage you to do so! It will make you more comfy and will quickly let your friends relax while sinking axes into the wooden targets prepared for you. When making a reservation you are getting an exclusive track with air conditioning just for you and your friends. There is a reason, why such clubs are so popular nowadays – it is plain simple and fun.

A typical evening in the club is opened by axe throwing coach, who explains the basics of throwing and shows the proper grip. No complicated tutorials, no experience required, no fancy techniques to learn. Just a proper grasp and safe throw at the target. Few minutes of getting used to it and you will be throwing it like Jason Momoa, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Vikings some time ago. And yes, it is completely true for both men and women, therefore you can consider it one of the best kickstarter for a crazy night, that will increase the courage of your friends for whatever you have planned next.

In addition to whole axe throwing, which will immerse you for the most of the time if not completely, you are allowed to dress up as Vikings with us and make some photos. That goes for a great relation on Instagram, Facebook or Snap Chat. Moreover, for more challenge we have a nail hammering completion and in case of longer session (up to 3 hours in default) we can provide an optional catering for everyone. Sometimes you are also allowed to stay longer when a track lacks a people for a day, just be friendly and smile to your instructors, they will surely make an exception for you, right?

Krakow is a great city for a hen night, but you should definitely add something more to a typical party. Bad Axe club with its simplicity, great fun and localization can be one of the best options out there, being surrounded by great food such as CK Browar or Kompania Kuflowa and being close to best clubs in Krakow including Frantic and Shakers.

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