Yes, we are into new qualities here. Typical party crawling around the city is nothing bad, but when your best friend is having his last night of true freedom, you should make it a memory, that will take him through the good and bad days to come. And you will have a heck lot of fun as well. How to achieve it? Go for something more extraordinary. Yes, there are plenty of “interesting” stag does in Krakow (or everywhere else honestly), where you can shoot guns, drive a car or meet up with girls, but it is all known by now. How about some taste of urban axe throwing? Straight out of woods or dreams about Indians right in the middle of a Krakow city center, old town.

Such sessions are a guarantee of the best kick-start for a stag do you could wish for. We are not telling you to abandon pub crawling, girls or drinking, we just encourage you to do it better. Incorporating some casual axe throwing in the club designed especially for it, is the way to improve your stag do and making it a conversation point for years to come.

Don’t worry that someone might not know how to do it right. Quite honestly no one has a lot of friends that could throw axes for living. Such evening does not require any experience, just a will to learn few things from the instructor at the beginning of the session and then to have some fun competing with friends on who is the best.

The procedure could not be easier. You reserve your date and then come at the one of the tracks kept especially for you for that day. Throwing session typically lasts half of an hour and it starts with our instructor quickly teaching you how to safely and effectively sink an axe into the target. There is no big philosophy into it, you are not wasting your precious time on complicated rules or techniques. No need for courses or trainings. It’s plain, simple and most importantly fun. It is the part of its success as people are generally not willing to go into complicated stuff when trying to relax and forget about everyday routine.

Then, after making it through quick and easy tutorial you and your friends just swing it until time is up and we have a potential crowned winner of axe throwing. Then you can either eat and drink on site, using our catering or you can go to one of many places around Bad Axe club. As it is located near old town, you have plenty of choices.

After a hard day, trip or task there it is good to let go of all the accumulated stress. It is even better when it comes to a stag day. Your friend that made you a best made has probably a lot of things to think about, with upcoming wedding. We are not even dare to dive into the decision itself, let alone all the formalities, wedding day celebration and family gathering will make it a daunting task. You cannot do him a better favor, but to release everything before you will go for the evening in the city center. Only then he will be really ready to immerse himself into this special night of his and he will be very grateful that it was thanks to you. Krakow is a great place, filled with many pubs, clubs and generally vast nightlife. It would be a shame not to taste at least a bit of this multilayered city, that integrates any people from many countries on the activities it can provide.

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