Krakow is easily one of the best places to be for a stag do, so you may consider yourself lucky, if you are here. This old capital of Poland is a beautiful place, filled up with old architecture, traditional food and many pubs and cafes to visit. Most of the time you will also be able to meet many new faces from around the world. Main market is quite similar to London, when it comes to diversity of people, all having fun on the old street of the city of kings.

So, what should you do for stag night in Krakow? Is it best jut to let it go in the countless clubs hidden within the old buildings, or try your luck pub crawling from place to place, trying traditional beer or different kinds of vodka? While all of that is surely a good choice, you should definitely think about enriching it with an equally nice start before the evening itself. It will also make this day a special experience, one not easily forgettable either for you or your friends coming to Krakow.

One of such ideas is surely a throwing axe club, a truly Bad Axe experience, involving some of the most exciting activities you can bring to a stag night. This one and a half hour of throwing axes into the targets is a great beginning of an evening, which will fill it with memories for conversations and will make people hungry for more, instead of giving in before midnight.

How such event looks like? You begin with choosing the number of people competing in throwing axes, and declaring time for up to three hours. Then you meet instructor, who will explain how to not only reach the target, but stick the axe into it. It requires some practice, after which you will feel like an Viking or Indian warrior, doing it almost naturally! Then, you are just having fun, it’s that simple. It does not require any experience or preparation. No boring stances, procedures or lectures. Just a clear mind and a thirst for fun. Did we mentioned that you can bring your beer?

Bad Axe club is a great way to integrate with your friends and making your way for a successful stag do in Krakow. It is one of the most exciting and satisfying things to do in the city, for a men’s evening. It is also a dream come true, for anyone who used to play in childhood as an Indian warrior, climbing trees and throwing imaginary tomahawks. After such afternoon, it is guaranteed that everyone will be up and running for further drinking and dancing, until the morning. You will be also able to dress-up as your favorite characters from medieval era and make some photos. Everything is included in the price, cheap and easy. Also, you don’t have to worry about anyone else around, as tracks are rented separately for the groups. So you can just go crazy, drink and compete. You might don’t want to go away, so fast! In that case, you can also east around here or in the many good places around Bad Axe club. You should just make yourself comfortable and like in summer house, when you used to just do what you like.

As mentioned, Krakow is a great place to stay. Polish people know how to party, and you should definitely visit this city just to witness that. Therefore, if you are still considering a place abroad, you should just go for it. It is quite cheap around and fun is guaranteed, combining extraordinary, action movie activity with a great night to follow. With so many clubs and pubs, you will surely find something for yourself, and probably meet a lot of new people.

See you in Krakow!

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