Throwing axes is getting more and more popular in United States and in Europe. It is not exactly a sport, or hobby, but it does make you feel right and it is definitely an active way to spend your free time. With more and more of such clubs scattered around the biggest cities on the continent, you should definitely try it for yourself. And there are only few of the many reasons why:

  1. It is simple

People are indeed looking for new ways to enjoy their parties with friends. Simple pub crawlings are nothing bad, they can just become dull after some time. Especially when done alone, without something interesting to start it with. However, with all that being said, more advanced activities may scare them off, especially with a lot in mind. Throwing axes does not require any sort of special skills, technique to learn or experience to have. It is also an activity for any healthy person to enjoy.

  1. It is fun

You may think that throwing axes for an hour or more is going to become boring after few minutes, but actually that’s not the case. While it is very easy to learn there is a space for mastering this ability. That’s why the best clubs are making it a competition between participants, so there is a small rivalry boost to this fact, which will make people try even more. People were able to be there and throw axes for over four hours. Straight. And they were willing to come back the next day.

  1. It is unique

Life is about new experiences with people you like and care about. Shooting, racing, skydiving, or throwing axes, it’s all there for the taking in the beautiful times we live in, where such entertainment is just outside your flat.

  1. It is cheap

 One of the most important questions related to the subject is how much money you have to spend in Krakow for a stag do. Throwing axes is one of those activities that will make it special with relatively small amount of money. In Bad Axe it is around 10 pounds for over an hour of pure fun per person. That’s just dirt cheap.

  1. It is a great kickstarter of a stag do

Speaking of stag nights in Krakow. When throwing such a party we are worried that people might not enjoy it very much or will drop early, due to their duties, plans and whatnot. The easiest solutions to that is making them willing to stay no matter what. A great action-packed activity at the beginning of said party is almost a guaranteed way to achieve that. With such memories already, those guys will prefer any sort of punishment than leaving one of the most epic parties they had.

  1. It is bring your own beer (BYOB) most of the times

Throwing axe clubs are often a bring your own beer clubs. That means you can enjoy this hobby with your favorite beverages and you don’t have to worry about any additional money you would normally have to spend. Bad Axe club in Krakow is even encouraging you to do it, since some beer will make the atmosphere nice and comfy for everyone. Tracks are exclusive so you will not be bothering someone anyway. You might as well take advantage of that.

  1. There will be photos

Every good throwing axe club will make you a dozen of great photos for you to remember this evening for a long time. Additionally Bad Axe has some Viking clothing to enhance that, so you are looking the way, original inventors of this entertainment did.



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