Krakow is an unique place on the map of Poland. It is not only second biggest city, but definitely a most attractive for students and tourist, due to its rich nightlife. It is also a historical pearl, combining many architectonical and historical influences in the single place. Often called a small Vienna, has its own feeling going far beyond that simplification. When visiting it, it can be observed In many fields, one of which is gastronomy. The old capital of Poland may be a home to many great foreign restaurants, but it is mainly a place to try and enjoy typical polish cuisine, with the southern feeling in it. Below, there are plenty of good places to verify it by yourself.


CK Browar


This inspiring place is a very definition of everything we mentioned above. Located near the main market and famous Bagatela Theater, CK Browar fills up a large, old basement created during many years of the city’s growth. It is decorated in the very distinctive manner, and the unique blend of smells welcomes you upon arriving, way before waiters do. You enter the world of good beer beverages and according dishes to meet them. While at first glance it may be viewed as a very German, it is in fact different, and actually combines Austrian and Poland cooking traditions, as it derives from the times, this part of Poland was a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Served beer is created at the place (hence “browar” – polish equivalent of “brewery”) and the huge variety of delicious polish dishes are filling the experience. It may not be the most typical way of serving polish cuisine, but it is a must-do in Krakow.


Kompania Kuflowa


Another, more traditionally oriented polish restaurant is located in two places of Krakow: near Sukiennice on the main market and around Wawel Castle. While CK Browar was a tribute to unique feeling of the city, Kompania Kuflowa, does a great job in bringing on huge variety of polish food to a table. You can enjoy some the most known soups here, eat meat or polish dumplings (known as “pierogi”). Similar to previous place, this one is also serving a lot of local beer and brings a very friendly atmosphere, for which Poland is generally known. You can listen to a good live music here further immersing you in the climate of the city, or have long conversations under the stars of main square.




Kazimierz is an old Jewish district in Krakow and is known for a lot of places to visit. Including restaurants. One of them serving good polish food is Miodova, located at the very heart of Kazimierz. Here, you can taste a lot of additional dishes coming from the tradition of those parts of the city, near Vistula river. While served beverages may be not as outstanding as in the two places mentioned before, but there is plenty of unique tastes in Miodova, so it may appeal to much more people or make you visit it more than once. It’s beautiful, modern interior will make a good impression during business trips, so it is also recommended as a first place, during such travels. You will also try arguably the best handmade polish dumplings here, so there are overall many reasons to show up.


Krakow is a city of many little secrets to discover, so we leave you to do it on your own. Listed places are a great places to start, as they lure you into the most beautiful places in this gorgeous city. From there you can go and just explore it for yourself, with guaranteed good memories during any season.

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