There are (unsurprisingly) plenty of places, where you can read about the rich nightlife in Krakow. Your time in here will never be sufficient to visit everything, this city has to offer. Attractions in Krakow are no scarce and include many extraordinary places, suitable for anything you want to do. Literally anything.

However, with every clubs or pubs around, we should mention, that Krakow has also a great deal of similar, yet very different places to visit. You can still meet a lot of people or drink there, but in the manner of doing something a little bit different. So buckle up as I will be bring some good examples, worth your visit.

Board games


Tabletop and board games are recently back, making more and more people immersed in playing something more complicated than chess, or poker. Krakow has actually many climatic places to visit in order to meet & play. Places like Hex or Boardowa have a lot of space, good, local beer to enjoy and most importantly, many board games to choose. You can not only play popular titles like Game of Thrones or Talisman, but also immerse yourself in the titles hard to find, including Starcraft or Discworld. You can meet up in many shops, and play popular card games including Magic the Gathering, Star Wars Destiny or Pokemon TCG in places like Vanaheim or Shop Gracz. Those shops are similar to those in United States, offering comfy rooms with drinks and sometimes snacks to buy. There are also plenty of accessories to buy there.

Climatic bars


Sometimes you want to go step further, truly feeling the nerdy climate of Krakow. Here, in this city, there are plenty of old-time basements, which are large and often rearranged into climatic locales. It may be a cinema, it may be a pub with specific decorations. You can enjoy an evening of RPG session or just a beer with cthulu geeks, like in R’lyeh café near main station. There is a steampunk bar in Kazimierz or old games pubs. Everything to enjoy in the single city, where party never stops! Even one with people, who do love Arcanum a little bit too much.


Action-packed clubs


On top of everything, you can jump straight into some action, with clubs focuses around so called “men” activities. There are plenty of shooting ranges, including Cracow Shooting Academy, which is offering a lot of courses and scenarios to play out, while learning proper shooting. You can also go more casual, for example for Viking cosplay and throwing axes in the exclusive tracks, where there is almost no boring theory and just straight action and competition with friends. Everything combined with photos, eating and drinking, for anyone willing to do so. There is no better idea to kick-start a good stag do, or just bring your friends together for a crazy evening. Especially if it is thrown party, to conclude something like a week in Krakow, trying all those attractions that I have mentioned above.


To conclude, you should not be asking: “what to do in Krakow?”, but rather: “what should I do first in this colorful city?” It is equally beautiful and interesting city, where you will easily find something new to do, and then you can always enjoy one of countless clubs to follow it during the night. There is nothing more cheerful than night at main market, especially when it’s warmer and people are all around the place, singing and dancing, enjoying their life.

Know what? You should too!

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