One of the many reasons why you should visit Krakow is surely a bunch of extraordinary locales, including thematically arranged pubs and cafes. Nowadays, such places are largely visited by people who want to enjoy a good board game beside a local beer. It even came to the situation, that you literally have to reserve yourself a place there in advance. At a peak moment it could be even a month before a given date. Let’s dive into the subject of best such places in the Krakow.



Board game locales


First and foremost, Krakow has plenty of good tabletop cafes and pubs. In here, everything started around few years ago with increased popularity of pub named Hex, where you had to reserve yourself a place way before you wanted to come with your friends, or you would just stand around or maybe get a smallest table, if you were lucky. Up until today, this place makes a lot of people show up every day, with bunch of official tournaments, premiere gatherings (for example for Game of Thrones watching) or meet-ups with known persons. Not long after, many new places came and go, including Boardowa in city center or AFK near AGH UST. Such places were a great alternative to shops, since you could eat and drink there and they were opened for a much longer time, than typical board game shop. While such meeting was a bit more expensive it was very much worth it. Especially, that most of those locales were very climatic and filled up with people to play with. It was its own category in terms of meeting new people.


Activities clubs


Krakow is a city also known for many action-packed clubs and societies, ranging from historical reconstruction up to modern, throwing axe clubs like Bad Axe. Whether you prefer to prepare your medieval cosplay for hours to meet standards, or you just want to make yourself a great Instagram pictures, everything was here for the taking. You could learn a lot of techniques and skills, including traditional polish fighting techniques or shooting multiple kinds of firearms in different situations or places. Krakow is a one kind of a city in this region, providing people with both casual and professional approach to such entertainment. It is easily visible, when you move to this city from around Poland and meet people. Everyone has an extraordinary hobby, so cool it would make a nice story. And on top of that, Poland is a country in which it is relatively easy to talk in English, as people are very opened and kind to newcomers. Therefore, you probably will have a great time sharing those exercises in the international groups of such activities. It is much easier to do it, than in many countries, especially outside of Europe.



Main square


The old capital of Poland combines all of those features in one major place – its main market square. You will find most of those places around it, scattered in the beautiful buildings. It is both climatic and comfortable, as you can go straight from your hobby activities for a pub around, or enjoy a dinner under the stars, looking at the Sukiennice building. Additionally, you will enjoy a seasonal events, including music shows, parades and market expansions, where you can enjoy traditional craft and food for every major part of the year. Nothing is really better than a hot beverage, among people during Christmas here.



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