Indians did it as a part of war, now celebrities do it as an active way of spending free time. What is so immersive in throwing axes that it made its way to the top of most picked extraordinary activities for stag nights and other evenings with friends?


The first would probably the way it feels – fun and simple. When comparing throwing axes to shooting or driving a car, we can easily observe that it is much more opened for a casual people, which are probably at least a part of your buddies. You don’t have to possess any experience or skills. There are no complicated techniques to learn, hours of passive and active training to maintain. Literally a few minutes of teaching can make you a pro in axe throwing. At the same time, you can compete with friends, as there is some place to master this ability. Of course with more strength there is more distance, so in case you will be immersed, you will find a way to improve and make satisfying progress. Does it stand for ideal hobby then?

Hard to say at this moment, as it is relatively new. Many clubs are being recently opened in the Europe and in United States of America, where this entertainment was brought back to life. People are making dozens of videos to show their way and achievements. It is spreading nicely, but only time will tell if it is something worth spending years on. So far, we can however enjoy it, while it lasts for a stag nights, company parties and so on.

And it works great here. It is one of the best new ways to handle stress, comparable to a whole session of shooting on the shooting range, yet much more cheaper. It does not require expansive weaponry, just a solid axes. It will not burn ammo or destroy targets so easily as a weapon would. It is finally much safer that guns. Accidents do happen everywhere, but obviously there is much less possibility of death during even crazy axe throwing than at a relatively calm shooting session. That may be somewhat sad for gun enthusiasts, but it is true.

A typical session is simple. For up to three or four hours, you and your friends are on the separated track. There they start with simple tutorial from the instructor, so they will be properly holding and throwing their axes through the course of the whole event. Then all it takes is to enjoy competition and optionally some food or drinks, depending solely on the club you are in.

If you are happening to wonder what to do in your free time in Krakow, there is such place here around the Old Town. Bad Axe club is located on Basztowa 10 and its both cheap and easy to find. You can park your car up on the north of it, or reach it with public transportation by both bus or tram. It is also easy to walk there from such popular points as Bagatela Theater or main train station. You should have a straight walk from the main square as well. Just don’t forget to bring your own beer with you. It is such a type of a club and it is strongly advised by the owners themselves to do so. It makes a mood a little more better and helps kickstarting the whole party. It is also worth doing some photos or video relation. After, nowadays many people are interested in it, so maybe you will make a good example for them and they will be next to try. It is definitely a fashion worth checking out.

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