Sometimes we just have a couple of hours to enjoy the city, either on the car trip, while waiting for the plane or simply staying after a cultural event. It is obvious, that it’s definitely better to go for some active sightseeing, or simple walk, instead of spending this time somewhere at the station or shop. Especially with a city of such elegance and historical beauty as the old capital of Poland – Krakow.


Main square


The first, and easiest to reach place is Main Market, located very close to the main station. It is the very heart of nightlife in Krakow. You can visit a lots of different pubs and clubs here, ranging from modern styled to ones serving beverages in cheaper way. You can also find many thematically enriched places around, including pubs dedicated to a fantasy universes like Harry Potter (“Dziurawy Kocioł”) or Call of Cthulu (“R’lyeh”). With everything relatively close, you can even do some small pub crawling or simply go from place to place and plan your next stay in Krakow. Additionally, by day, you can visit some of the oldest buildings, including St. Mary’s Basilica and city hall. There is also a fantastic museum located underneath the plate of a main market, where you can observe the evolution of the city and its growth up until this day. It is an experience like no other, walking through the ruins of old market, just below a hundreds of tourists and citizens living there now.




If you have some more time for a longer walk, you can grab some delicious coffee or sweets and go across the city center to the old Jewish district, called Kazimierz. Its tight, narrow streets will remind you of older times in Poland, more accurately referring to the past of the country. It is somewhat similar to European traditional cities, but with unique, homely feeling of Poland, which you will not easily forget. By night is also a place commonly visited by students as it’s filled up with a bit cheaper restaurants and pubs. Here you can also taste a bit different cuisine that in any part of the city. To fully experience that, you can for example make your way to a Miodova restaurant, fully immersing its customers in the taste of Krakow cuisine, namely this district. Also, there are plenty of cafes located at the market of this district. There are also plenty of different churches here, making the unique blend of cultures visible for everyone to witness.



When travelling on your own, you have a lot of freedom to do what you want, or go where you want, especially when coming by car. During long euro trips with your friends, you will need some nice attractions to make it more interesting and crazy. Krakow is a great city, when it comes to such activities. With a lot of green areas, you can find some racing tracks or shooting ranges here. If you are staying in the center, you can also bump in throwing axe club, such as Bad Axe, which is one of the most interesting choices for some free time. You can have a great evening here, on your own track, just with your friends, doing photoshoots of you dressed up like Vikings and having a blast with axes and beer. It is also located near CK Browar, which is a great place to have a good dinner, with lots of Polish and Austrian cuisine, so we highly recommend that you will try that activity, during your visit in Krakow.

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