Krakow is one of two biggest cities in Poland when in terms of young people and students. Over 20% of people here are students of the major universities, coming from the many parts of the country and abroad. The biggest dormitory complex – MS AGH is going crazy, when whether is starting to get warmer during a spring, with a peak during May. During night, it is difficult to pass it, with hundreds of people drinking, singing and otherwise having fun. The party almost never ends there.

What is the reasoning, behind them choosing the City of Kings? It is a rich nightlife in Krakow. Both Main Market and Kazimierz are the oldest and most beautiful districts in the city, while at the same time, biggest clubs and pub are all located around there. You can only imagine of the greatest pub crawlings in your life, similar to biggest party cities in the Europe, like Turin or London, where you can go from place to place and enjoy friendly atmosphere, great local beverages and meet people.

And if you are here for the first time, maybe just visiting, or considering studying in this city, you should definitely visit some of those places to make your own opinion. Here, we list some of them, with a little bonus at the end.



One of the most recognizable and biggest clubs in Krakow is definitely Shine. This place is as epic as it gets, and is a place that makes people eager to try it as soon as they begin their studies in Krakow. This modern club has all that is needed to throw the best parties in the city. Three independent parts, top acoustics, LED lightning coming from over three thousand points and places for dancers. Polish and foreign DJs love to work here as it looks like a proper concert hall from the future. Club is also a place where you can throw a closed party, but unsurprisingly it is not a cheap idea.



Frantic is one of those clubs located in the Szewska street, famous for a lot of clubs are crowded whenever there is a warm night or weekend. While Shine is almost overwhelming, Frantic does it all with style with no less of a pompous parties. Venue might not be that impressive on the first glance, but it gets better with time. There are plenty of lodges there as well as the best artist will choose this club when coming to Krakow.



The best students club had to make it to the list. It may not look that impressive from the outside, but it was recently renovated to improve acoustics and venue to a whole new level. Many great artists are performing here, including worldwide known bands such as Sunrise Avenue. There are many student oriented events here as well as traditional parties. It is worth visiting because of large space and homely feeling within a new, functional club.


For those who “don’t want to meet their daughter in the club” there is a 30 club. There you can enjoy the same classy and crazy party, with the age restriction added into it. What’s interesting and definitely worth mentioning is that restriction means that people who are above 25 years old will be able to attend, which is misleading, given the name of this club. Despite this, club has a good opinion, you can easily reserve yourself a place there and enjoy one of the best places in Krakow in terms of both style and music. It is located near the Cracovia stadium, west of the old town, but quite close to it.

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