Polish people do have a reputation for many things, including crazy ideas. I remember being invited for many international courses during my studies on Jagiellonian University and introducing myself as a Pole always got me some attention from others. You can’t be really surprised. We sing loud, we drink a lot, we fear nothing and we are reasonably bright while doing so. Therefore when you hear, that a popular thing to do in Cracow for a stag night would be to go for throwing axes, it should not strike you that much.

Although it does a bit, isn’t it?

But here we are, in the center of an old capital of Poland, when you can team up with your friends, colleagues or even your beautiful bride-to-be and smash some wood by throwing axes at it. All nordic-style like new Thor movie.

There is (almost) nothing more satisfying than starting your evening with this kind of interesting sport and go for a pub crawling later on. That is why, it is a good stag do idea, especially for men, who sometimes need to unmask a little, within their pack of friends. However it is completely fine to do it, as a part of visiting Krakow, and a good reason to actually do so, so if you are interested here are the few useful details that might help you doing something actually interesting during your stay in Krakow.


Where to find it?

Bad Axe club is located right outside the old city center, near Music School and Modern Studios hotel. You can find it walking from the famous Bagatela Theater by going near the street in the direction of main station. It is arguably the best place, as it’s near main station and many hotels, one of which you might be staying.


How does such an evening looks like?

Throwing axes clubs are pretty straightforward when it comes to the form of the evening. You are here to mainly enjoy your day, blowing off some steam and otherwise have fun. At the beginning you are greeted by an instructor, who will teach you what to do and how to doing it properly and in satisfying way. In no time you will be sticking those axes like it’s no business! And it’s not any less satisfying. Then you have a certain amount of given time to compete with friends on who is the best, or simply who will make the better throw. During that, you are free to dress up like a Viking, do a photoshoot and eat or drink while doing so. It is the simple, yet immersively satisfying way of spending your time.


Should I join it with something?

Definitely yes! I highly recommend planning a day around that activity. Starting your afternoon with good, unique lunch at some place with traditional Polish food is a very good idea. Especially with CK Browar around to provide the unique feeling this city has. After the game at Bad Axe (or any other similar club for that matter) you can go for a typical pub crawl on the main square or visit your hotel and then move for some clubbing. Both options are extremely popular in Krakow, which is considered a better city for parties than Warsaw. The approach presented here is typical for a hen or stag nights and it is highly recommended. Throwing axes makes you thirsty for some more fun later on, helping when your friends tend to go to sleep early. After such activities you and they will just want more. And maybe you will find a new hobby in it? Historical activities combined with cosplay are surely a returning fashion now.

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