There is no better feeling than doing something crazy with a pack of closest friends and nothing more to worry about, or anyone to bother around. We know it from barbecues being held in the wilds of our summer houses on the outskirts of town, or throwing a beach party near the lake. We often just need to reach out to the wilderness, just like in many finnish metal songs. It feels good, when there is nothing in your way.

You could make an argument, that it is much harder to do that in the heart of a big city like Krakow, where we are trapped for the majority of our lives in nice suits. Organized within the day, starting from 9 AM, beginning our shift, lasting until the early night sleep, so you can make it at 9 again tomorrow. Yes, there is a rich nightlife here, but it is almost as quick and organized when you just make it a simple pub crawling.

In other words, I have heard about so many stag does, that ended up quickly, that it hurts my heart, as what people become after graduating. Because wife is calling, job is more important, car is needed tomorrow, and so on and on.

There is a solution however, for a stag night to be something memorable and unique at the same time. It involves the human nature, we talked about already. Now, that you know, you and your friends have it, you just have to unleash it. It goes wild from there, they will ignore calls, postpone assignments and travel, just to stay with you and have the night of their lives. How to achieve it? There are few ways.

When organizing a stag night for yourself or a friend, you probably consider some party, preferably away from home or even abroad. When it comes to it, it is most often a lodge or pub crawling, sometimes combined with early sightseeing. And while there is nothing bad about it, it requires a kick-start, so it won’t become just a next weekend party in your life, and end up accordingly – in the ashes of all the duties you have back home, next day. This kicker can be brought for example by throwing axe clubs. Similar to shooting ranges, or racing tracks, you are going into it, action style. It fully immerses you and your buddies from the start, and it won’t stop there. It will go with you onto this pub crawling, party or whatever you have for the night. But it will make a good conversation point, it will make you thirsty for more.

It is also an experience in itself! Because, frankly, have you been throwing axes at a target lately? Dressed as a Viking? No? That does not surprise me. It is not a common thing to get your friends for one and half hour to dress up like medieval Nordic corsairs and just smash it for the greater fun. Then make some photos, Instagram relations and go grab some beer like it’s not a big deal.

Well, nowadays it is really not. There are some clubs now, that will offer this and much more for you and your friends, whenever you are fancy to do it. For example, Bad Axe club is a great place especially for a Krakow stag do. You are safe and secure, there is a food included in the throwing range, which you will get just for you and your friends to get crazy. You can make photos in Viking cosplay and then make it easily to the main market to continue your stag party under the stars of an old capital of Poland, which is possibly the best place to be in this part of Europe by night.

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